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  This short film that I feature in highlights 3 social issues in one and is highly controversial. How many times in our life do we jump to the incorrect conclusions based on ignorance, lack of information and how one’s actions can adversely affect the lives of others years down the track

The Graffiti of Mr Kynyatta

The short film, The Graffiti of Mr Kynyatta, which I worked on throughout the year has been accepted into the Lorne Film Festival which runs 12-15 November. The Festival which has been going for 3 years takes place in the Victoria, Australia, seaside city of Lorne. Congrats to all involved.

Legends of the Southern Land

A song about Australia, for Australians. Recorded and filmed across Australia and the world with four of my best buddies. From the website ‘’… Aussie music stars collaborate to release ‘a song about Australia for Australians’ John St Peeters and fellow renowned Australian artists Marty Rhone, Tommy Emmanuel, John ‘Swanee’ Swan and Ray Burgess are […]