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Music Video Locations

The success of a film or music video can often depend on the locations sourced by the scouting crew whose job it is to find those spots that will add something special to the story by creating the right ambience. Such was the case with the making of my upcoming music video.


Every Monday evening from August 8, 2016, in Melbourne & Geelong Australia you can see this mini series on Channel C31 and later in the year on Foxtel or you can see it on-line via In it I play Harry Rosenfeldt, an astrologer who with a few of the dedicated astrologers he mentored fight […]


  This short film that I feature in highlights 3 social issues in one and is highly controversial. How many times in our life do we jump to the incorrect conclusions based on ignorance, lack of information and how one’s actions can adversely affect the lives of others years down the track


I am about to embark on a new & exciting professional journey. For the past few years I have re-invigorated my acting career after neglecting it for far too long. It hasn’t been easy but with the support of my manager Michelle Horner at Ignite Elite Artists, I am beginning to see some reward for […]


Australian short film ‘Shanghaied’ starring Marty Rhone & Charley Thorn set for its world premiere in November 2015. Filmed to a background of some of the most stunning locations in rural Victoria. The film tells the story of a terminally ill man who comes to completely change his view on life thanks to his compassionate […]

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