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Welcome to my newly designed website

Welcome to my newly designed website, created by my whiz kid son Mat.

As you will see it has a much more acting focus than previously. This is because for far too long (my fault) I have neglected my acting career so I thought it time to balance the ledger somewhat and this is the result. This doesn’t mean I am less focused on singing, it just means I have increased my focus on acting.

I hope you enjoy scenes from the feature film ‘Nude Study’, a joint Australian & Canadian production and scenes from some of the short films I have done recently. I play a Frenchman in my latest short film project ‘Isobel & the Patissiere’, a joint Australian/US effort which will have its first screening shortly. It is a French romantic comedy, set in Paris, filmed in Australia with an all Australian cast and directed by an American Michael Green.

Shortly I am doing an intensive four days of master classes with renowned acting coach Howard Vine (Interview with a Vampire) which I am really looking forward to.

Over the past couple of years I have managed to obtain some great character roles with some very talented young film makers and this has inspired me to do more and I am feeling a great buzz at the moment as I tackle some new and very exciting projects which I will tell you more about further down the track. In the meantime I hope you enjoy the new content.