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Published on Aug 16, 2016

A rock legend (Damien Leith) arrives in town to perform at a benefit organised by Mayor Barnham to help distract the town from Siding Spring’s closure. The opening of competing observatory “Red Skies” brings Mike Finch to town, who clashes with Helene instantly. Helene’s affections continue to grow for interstate colleague Simon Redding.


As seen on Channel 31 Melbourne (Digital 44) at 8:30pm every Monday…

As well as an August 8th premiere at 9:30pm (ACST) on Channel 44 in Adelaide…

The Australian comedy/drama series Under The Milky Way, starring Lee McClenaghan, Matt Stewart, Marty Rhone, Mark Gambino, Kristen Snowden, Rowan Francis, Davini Malcolm, Sophie Cusworth, Tom McCathie, Kate Dehnert, Jess Perkins and Rob Sitch.

Score by Mitchell Berk for Kreb Music & opening theme by Damon Smith.



“Helene McKenzie resides in the NSW regional town of Coonabarabran and is an avid astronomer just like her father was, working in the observatory that overlooks her small town. When a nearby and much newer observatory threatens its funding and research grants, Helene’s observatory is in danger of being shut down. Helene actively fights its closure and along with her team of misfit colleagues, she attempts to rally her small home town behind her. Plagued by a corrupt local council and hindered by a lazy town mayor, Helene’s prospects of saving her observatory are slim. When disaster strikes on the eve of a big breakthrough, Helene may get the chance to save more than just her beloved observatory..”

Funded via the support of the Community Broadcasting Foundation…