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Here is where you can listen, select and purchase Marty’s songs and CDs.


Click on an album image to view details and track listings. Please read the following information before making a purchase:


  • All prices listed are Australian Dollars
  • Shipping will be calculated automatically when you type in your address details
  • Standard shipping rates are $5 for Australian domestic, and $10 for international
  • The shopping cart uses the PayPal system, but you do not need a PayPal account to make a purchase
  • PayPal will handle all international currency conversions
  • In the checkout stage, use the “Order Notes” section if you would like to request a signed copy, and who you would like it made out to
  • Creating an account here at when checking out is optional. You do not need one to make a purchase.
  • Payments will show up in PayPal and on your invoices as OSTAVOCAL PTY LTD.
  • Once payment is received and your order confirmed, the CD will be shipped out to you within a week
  • Shipping time will vary based on your location

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